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I began KIMBAFIT with the goal to provide clients with individually tailored training and nutrition programs in order to help them realize and achieve all their health and wellness goals. To us, it’s more about
fitting people with a program that fits their lifestyle, dietary preferences, and goals.

We work from the inside out to create sustainable and maintainable change. We can all want change and we can all desire change, but do you hold the mental desire for that change? ⁠We want to see you make your exterior changes, but we also want to be sure you learn how to do it in a healthy and a maintainable way.
Change is not easy, but if you are wanting the change, be willing to put the work in. If you are willing to put the work in, you will be highly successful.

The KIMBAFIT approach to teaching sustainable and maintainable mindset with fitness and nutrition where our customized client programs often specialize in weight loss but ALL have a behavioral component focused on building a better life and overall body image. You are going to love getting back into shape physically and mentally with the best team in the industry.

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Founder & Nutrition Behavior Specialist
She holds a BA in Psychology and Nutrition, while currently working on her MA. The combination of knowledge with her real-world results and 15+ years of coaching experience makes her a great choice for anyone’s fitness needs. She loves working with her clients, to help make a positive difference in people's health.


Yoga & Pilates
She Has Training In Suspension Pilates Method, TRX, And Yoga. Her Mission Is To Share Her Experiences Through Life Authentically With Others So That They Can Be Inspired To Live Their Life Fully Without Holding Themselves Back. Anne Is Very Active In Climbing And Biking. She Enjoys Hiking, Walks With Her Pup, Relaxing By A River In The Summer, Meditating, And Hanging Out With Friends And Family.

kwinten kemp

Wellness Director
He is a clinical mental health counselor and holds a MHC and CWMS. He also has additional training in treating eating disorders, overeating, and obesity. He is a Certified Therapeutic Weight Management Specialist. He enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, martial arts, and the outdoors.

Jennifer SISK

Certified Liife Coach

She holds a BA in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Carolina. As a healer, Jennifer works with the whole person. She is your dedicated cheerleader with the knowledge, experience, and motivation to help you achieve your life goals. Jennifer enjoys time with her husband, two sons, and friends, as well as a glass of wine. 

Lynn Neil

Athletic Trainer

Lynn Has A True Passion For Health And Fitness And Connecting With Others. This Has Led Her To Pursue A Career Where She Can Help People Live Balanced Lives And Find Fun Ways To Reach Their Fitness Goals. She Has Been Teaching Fitness Classes And Yoga For Over A Decade. In Her Free Time, Lynn Enjoys Hiking, Bouldering, Meditating, Reading, And Mountain Biking.

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