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We work from the inside out to create sustainable and maintainable change. We can all want change and we can all desire change, but do you hold the mental desire for that change? ⁠We want to see you make your exterior changes, but we also want to be sure you learn how to do it in a healthy and a maintainable way. Change is not easy, but if you are wanting the change, be willing to put the work in. If you are willing to put the work in, you will be highly successful.

The KIMBAFIT approach to teaching sustainable and maintainable mindset with fitness and nutrition where our customized client programs often specialize in weight loss but ALL have a behavioral component focused on building a better life and overall body image. You are going to love getting back into shape physically and mentally with the best team in the industry.

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Kimba Smith

Founder | Nutrition Behavior Specialist

Anne Haueter

Yoga & Pilates
Kwinten Kemp
Wellness Director

Merilee Johnson

Massage Therapist

Lynn Neil

Athletic Trainer

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Our main staff is seasoned, they have over 60 years’ of combined experience

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Nutrition inspired by the incredible ingredients found throughout our lush mountain landscape

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With easy access to the Wasatch Mountain Range, every adventure is a bespoke experience

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We want you to come and play in the most personalized retreat you will ever experience! KIMBAFIT has created a variety-focused fitness retreat located in the heart of the mountains of Park City, Utah. Come to experience the combination of exercise, seasonal outdoor activity, and luxury accommodations. KIMBAFIT has taken fitness retreats to a whole new level. We give you an extremely personalized retreat for you to be able to create a sustainable and maintainable fun and fit healthy lifestyle.

Park City, Utah has a magnificent mountain setting that is recognized around the globe for snow sports like skiing, snowboarding, and cross country skiing. In the summer hiking, fishing, and mountain biking are activities enjoyed by locals and visitors.

This quaint mountain town also hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Utah Olympic Park and state of the art facilities are still home for Olympic athletes. KIMBAFIT Fitness Retreats utilizes all of these training facilities that give our guests a sense of training with the best athletes in the world.

While Park City provides the perfect setting for KIMBAFIT Fitness Retreats: Westgate Park City Resort & Spa plays the perfect hostess. The well-appointed, tastefully-designed accommo­dations offer an inviting atmosphere with numerous amenities.

Westgate Park City Resort & Spa
Olympic Park
Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa


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