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We can all want change and we can all desire change, but do you hold the mental desire for that change?

These words really resonated with me. You have to want to change so much and be prepared for that change mentally to make it successful. We are continually hearing about failed diets out there. All of these “packaged” diets just work on the exterior giving you empty promises of change. Change happens but then you find that is not a sustainable way to live and gain the weight back. There is no work on the mental side of it.

That is where KIMBAFIT sets us apart. We aren’t here to offer you a packaged diet and products. We are here to help you make those changes and KEEP them. We are here to make this your LAST diet! If you have dieted in the past and done silly things like cutting out your carbs, cabbage soup, supplements, expensive products, etc. and made it through that, then coaching, eating real, normal food should be a breeze.

We work from the inside out. We want you to make your exterior changes, but we want to be sure you learn how to do it in a healthy way and a maintainable way. Change is not easy, but if you are wanting the change, be willing to put the work in. If you are willing to put the work in, you will be highly successful. FOREVER.⁠

We work from the inside out to create sustainable and maintainable change.

85% of Weight Loss Success is Through Nutrition

Transform Yourself through the power of food

We break down the principles of nutrition through education, apply hands-on learning through grocery store tours, and take it straight to the kitchen for daily, interactive cooking lessons. By establishing principles about what food does in our bodies we prove that there’s no magic with any foods.

This can be a tough area for most people because they have been given so much advice about dieting that they are confused about what is right for them. We leave the confusion behind and get you the results you need with a custom nutritional program that is designed just for you.

By balancing protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fat, and taste, our delicious planned cuisine is designed to sustain you through our active program, providing your body with the full spectrum of nutrients. Our nutritionists focus on the quality of the calories used rather than the quantity, with ingredients selected for their nutrient density rather than for the sake of counting calories. This makes it so you never have to diet again!

Kimbafit nutritious breakfast omelet with arugula and a fresh fruit bowl.
kimbafit protein dinner bowl of tofu, cabbage and edamame.

What's Included

And the awesome benefits

Custom Fitness Retreat

Full Sunday to Sunday program
$ 2200
a week
  • Comprehensive Body Assessment
  • Daily Personalized and Structured Fitness and Health Plan
  • Behavioral Modification Training
  • A Full-Day of Personalized Daily Guided Exercise & Personal Training
  • State-of-the-art Fitness Facilities
  • Nutrition Education with Gourmet Dining & Healthy Snacks
  • Day Hikes, Yoga & Meditation
  • 3 Week Home Follow Up

Discover a new passion with

adventure add-ons

Fly Fishing

Alpine Skiing


Paddle Boarding



River Rafting

Horseback Riding

A First Class Stay

Mountain Lodging and Facilities


We want you to come and play in the most personalized retreat you will ever experience! KIMBAFIT has created a variety-focused fitness retreat located in the heart of the mountains of Park City, Utah. Come to experience the combination of exercise, seasonal outdoor activity, and luxury accommodations. KIMBAFIT has taken fitness retreats to a whole new level. We give you an extremely personalized retreat for you to be able to create a sustainable and maintainable fun and fit healthy lifestyle.

Park City, Utah has a magnificent mountain setting that is recognized around the globe for snow sports like skiing, snowboarding, and cross country skiing. In the summer hiking, fishing, and mountain biking are activities enjoyed by locals and visitors.

This quaint mountain town also hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Utah Olympic Park and state of the art facilities are still home for Olympic athletes. KIMBAFIT Fitness Retreats utilizes all of these training facilities that give our guests a sense of training with the best athletes in the world.

While Park City provides the perfect setting for KIMBAFIT Fitness Retreats: Westgate Park City Resort & Spa plays the perfect hostess. The well-appointed, tastefully-designed accommo­dations offer an inviting atmosphere with numerous amenities.

Westgate Park City Resort & Spa
Olympic Park
Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa

A personal plan that will fit into your daily life

that is what WE do best


individually tailored training and nutrition

KimbaFit Personalized Retreats

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